I see the vision for the company and I believe in Y&C.
— Brandon - Carpenter


  • Excellent wage and benefit package

  • Locally owned general contractor - central, stable

  • Supportive culture

  • Integrity and company values

  • Readily available tools and resources

  • Encourages innovative thinking

  • Strong reputation and visibility

  • Positive relationship with clients and the community

  • Fun employee events

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Y&C’s mission is to Build Excellence because of our Love for People. The love we have for people begins with our team. We truly believe that people are what matter and the buildings we build are FOR PEOPLE. We take that mission very seriously. If you are interested in joining the Y&C team, please view our job openings.



  • 401K and flexible spending plan

  • Medical/dental/vision insurance coverage

  • HRA Account

  • Disability & life insurance

  • Safety incentive programs

  • Wellness/fitness incentive

  • Education & training classes

  • Holiday pay

  • Paid time off

  • Encourages a 40 hour work week

  • Company social events and participation in sports teams